10 things every woman should know how to do – my self-improvement list.

There is a lot of talk around the differences between men and women; some are more obvious than others. As time goes on, society calls for there to be less stereotypes regarding capability based on gender. I would agree and support this way of thought.

With people getting married later or not getting married at all, it is very useful for everyone to be self-sufficient. We live in a time which it is very important for everyone to be capable on their own – male or female. All to often humans in this day and age lack some skills that I find to be wonderful parts of life – parts of life that are so fulfilling. I meet people who stop the search for self-improvement; claiming it is not for them because of one reason or another.

There are stereotypes on both sides about roles and “who does what” within the household. There is a time and place for roles. Within relationships, roles are necessary – even vital. Chores need to be done and there needs to be open lines of communication between both parties.

I would argue these 10 things are important for both genders but I focus on the ladies – well, because I am one. I can’t do all of these yet but someday soon I hope to say that I can.

Change a car tire

Hopefully you never have had the experience of being stuck in the middle of no-where with a flat tire and a dire need to change it yourself. But if you were, my bet is your reaction would be to call the man in your life.

Fix the chain on a bicycle

While bikes aren’t a major source of transportation in most areas of the US; they are in other parts of the world. While living in Europe; I use a bike daily. A basis knowledge of how a bike works is helpful more often than you would think.

Jump start a car

With electricity on the line, knowing which wires to connect where could save you a major shock. Not to mention, it would save you the cost of a new battery if you know how do it correctly.

Check and add car oil

Stereotypically, females know embarrassing little about automobiles. Don’t believe me? Just ask the average girl to pop her hood, check and add car oil. Oil is part of a vehicles regular upkeep and due to the car strong culture in the US it could come into play any day of the week.

Basic landscaping

I’m not talking about gardening. That’s my next point. I want to also include landscaping on this list! Knowing how to run a mower, weed wacker, leaf blower, tiller, or bush trimmer are all included with yearly maintenance on an property.

Tend to growing plants

Now, I am talking about gardening! Having a basic knowledge of how plants grow, how to tend to them, and how to use them productively is a skill. Whether it is a garden out back or a aloe vera plant on the window sill, tending to a living thing is a responsibility which we shouldn’t be ignorant of.

Iron and steam clothes

Cleaning clothes isn’t near the hassle it used to it. New technology has made it easier than ever to get professional results in your own home. Dry cleaners are becoming a thing of the past; except for rare occasions. It just takes a google search and effort!

Patch a clothes hole

Have you ever ripped the tag off your pants and it left a hole where the tag was attached? Annoying, isn’t it? Many of us have been there. But then follows the debate of what to do with those pants. Are they ruining? Do you wear like-colored undies? Are you going to take them to grandma?

Do the taxes

Once a year, everyone in the country is annoyed with the same thing – tax season. Collecting the data. Filing the paperwork. Reporting any deductibles. It is a pain in the butt but it is something that can’t be avoiding.


Whether it is a black belt training course or a whistle. Every woman should have the basic know-how of self-defense. It is a scary world we live in. Be proactive!

The world is changing every second. The information available to us is the most in history. Endless opportunities are right at your finger tips. Think ahead! Whether you join in with my list or make your own version; make it a priority. There is no excuse.

Part of life is striving for continuous improvement. While these might be small things, my experience with lists is they offer a sense of accomplishment, pride and closure when they are completed. What things would you add to this list?