Is God alive?

Have you seen those movies; the “God’s Not Dead” movies? I highly recommend them. They’re great! I find them highly relatable. Living in Europe I often feel like I’m the only one around who believes there is a God and that He is not dead. I find myself not only believing this but having to defend this belief to others.

Yet, even passionately believing this concept of God’s Not Dead, I find myself acting and praying and thinking like He’s not alive. Let me explain. If someone asks me, “Is God alive?” I would quickly and confidently respond, “Absolutely!” It would be like a reflex for me. However, when I truly examine my life and my actions I doubt myself. Do I truly believe God is alive? Well? Living? Walking among us? Able to touch? Able to transform? Able to perform anything I ask of Him?

The other day I listened to a podcast of a American Midwest pastor who was talking about a simple concept: The greater the expectation; the greater the preparation. Let that sink in. It’s a basic concept, right? The more you expect from something the more you’ll prepare for it.

So I ask myself again, do I expect God to answer my prayers? Do I believe He can hear me when I speak? Do I think He is capable? Do you remember in like 4th grade math when you had to start showing your work? It wasn’t enough just to have an answer. You were required to show how you got to that particular answer. I’ll use the same concept. All my work shows is that I ask for things I plan on fixing myself I’m just worried it won’t be easy to talking to God gives me peace about it. On top of that, I feel guilt somehow when the thought of asking for something “out of my control” pops into my head; like it would be selfish and ridiculous to ask for something like that from God.

Long story short, my walk doesn’t match my talk! As a Christian, I’ve hit a rut. Not one of questioning my beliefs but one of plugging into the wrong power source. God is the ultimate battery pack. If you are spending your time plugged into another outlet you will find your spiritual walk lacking juice! Well, duh. Even writing this right now I could slap myself. It’s so simple. I look at how I spend my time and I somehow wonder why is my walk stagnant? Why can’t I seem to hit the gas? I mean; Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Netflix, LiveScore, fantasy sports leagues, and YouTube; I spend hours and hours during the week but somehow I can’t take 15 minutes to speak to the God of the universe? I can fool others but I can’t fool myself. I’m joking myself if I think I’ve spent enough time plugged into God, His son and His word to get out of the rut I’m in.

The good news is; it’s all in my control. Speaking as a control freak, that’s a positive. I control where I spend my time. I control my tone when praying. I control the questions I ask of an all-powerful God. I control my phone, my social media, my TV.

So, is God alive? Yes. He exists. He walks among us. He is all-knowing. He is all-powerful. Whether we believe it or not; whether we show it or not in our words or in our actions; God is God.