Day 1 – 21 days in Europe

Road trip!

Today we started a road trip through Europe! And you are now reading the Day 1 of our adventure.

Road trips are the best but omg they’re not easy. This road trip is also a bit special because I’m basically the mom of the trip. I don’t know about y’all moms but my mom was the bomb on road trips. She packed food and drinks and like even napkins and utensils. (ps. Mom, if you’re reading this – you’re amazing. Because of you I set the bar super high for myself and wow.)

I’m a total control freak. That comes as a surprise to no one. This morning I woke up at 3am and had worked up a sweat by 315am hustling around doing all kinds of random crap. My plan was to leave at 4 but the closer it got I realized that wasn’t going to happen. There was too much to do and my OCD didn’t allow for anyone else to really help. At some point I got this attitude like “no one is helping”, “I do everything”, “wah, poor Molly”. So the pace just picked up and I’m storming around the apartment. So then I walked into our bedroom and noticed a big glob of white something on the floor. Nasko normally puts lotion on his hands in our room so immediately in my head I’m like “omg no one does anything”, “Nasko didn’t even clean up his lotion after himself”, “wah, poor Molly”. I was barefoot – so I just wiped it up with my foot then rub it in to my foot and whole leg. Grumbling and moving on to my next task – I hear Nasko’s voice from the bedroom, “What happened to all that Mayo I dropped on the floor?”

Scoreboard: Road trip stress 1 vs. Molly 0. But we all got a good laugh from it!

It was an 8 hour drive down to the Italian coast. But in 8 hours you can really cover some ground in Europe!

We enjoyed the empty German autobahn until hitting the Swiss boarder. After driving banana split for two years this rental car freaking flies!

We watched the sun rise over the Alps. Driving through Switzerland is absolutely stunning. It’s so green. I love it.

We got to our Airbnb in La Spezia Italy around noon. Our place is great! Although the “two way” streets in our neighborhood are in facts barely big enough for one car.

We dropped our stuff and walked into town just in time to take a 5 hour cruise out of the port and explore the villages and islands that litter the coast. Clear blue water, colored layered housing lining the cliffs, and the worlds best people watching – this is the life!

We ended the day with a classic meal of Italy pasta from a little place in town. The portions weren’t Olive Garden sized but the experience was worth it!

This whole road trip really embodies how blessed we are to have this time in Europe. I couldn’t think of a better way to end this season of our lives.

Love always.