Day 2 – 21 days in Europe

Our Airbnb is killer! We all have our own beds, three big bedrooms and a huge balcony. And the view is beautiful!

This morning I woke up and headed into the kitchen to grab breakfast. I had slept like a baby but apparently everyone’s night wasn’t as peaceful as mine.

Abby greeted me, “Did you hear Lesley last night?” “No.” I replied, “Why? What happened?” Abby’s face had all the signs of a great story coming. “She was freaking screaming last night!” Abby continued, “I didn’t wake up but she woke up and told me she freaked out.” Snickering I asked her to explain, “What do you mean screaming?” Abby got dead serious, “Molly – I mean she woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t know where she was and started screaming at me!”

I was full out laughing when Lesley heard the conversation and came into the kitchen to defend herself. She started, “Well okay – I woke up and didn’t recognize anything! Then I look around the room and Abby was like a dark hunched figure in her bed! I was terrified so I started screaming at her ‘WHO ARE YOU?! WHERE AM I?!’” I should add, at this point in the story I’m shaking because I’m laughing so hard! Lesley continued to explain, “When she didn’t respond I got out of bed and tried to sneak away! Then it all came back to me and I remembered everything!”

Abby and I are rolling laughing! I’m laughing so hard I had to leave the room. Because can you imagine?! Lesley screaming at Abby in the middle of the night? Hilarious!

So then I go into the other room to calm down and Adam is laying on his bed and asks, “what’s going on? Why are you laughing so hard?” I immediately see an opportunity to share the funny story, “omg did you hear what happened to Lesley?!” He’s quickly perked up and focused intently on the information I wanted to share, “AH NO! What happened?! Omg did she poop in the bedet?!”

Y’all, I freaking lost it. I was crying. Of course, we explained the whole thing to Adam. But why that was the first thing out of Adams mouth – I will never know.

As for the rest of the day, it was magnificent. We jumped in the car and wound our way through the hills until we came to the beach village where we wanted to spend the day. It’s a small city with a sand beach and a great view of the coast and three of the other colored villages on the cliffs. The weather forecast showed cloudy with scattered showers but we found a place to sit on the beach and set up camp. The water was chilly. The town was absolutely magical. The few sprinkles didn’t hinder us. The Italian culture, food and language are mesmerizing. And the cliffs looked a lot higher right when you’re about to jump off them then they did from the vantage point of the other tourists yelling from a distance “JUST JUMP ALREADY!”

All in all, day 2 was a success. We are happy, healthy and excited for tomorrow.

Love always.