Day 5 – 21 days in Europe

The day started at 2:30am with my alarm reminding me it was time to take Adam and Abby to the airport. Although I hate to see them go, it was the easiest goodbye I’ve had with them in years. I’m thankful it only had to be a “see ya in a few weeks” kind of goodbye.

It was 2 hours from Leo’s to the airport in Pisa where we dropped Adam and Abby off at 5am. Nasko and I headed off another two hours to our next destination, the beach. We had no real plans for the day other than chill. We stopped about an hour down the road in a small port town called Piambino. We enjoyed the fresh early morning air as we pointed out and tried to identify all of the islands visible from the coast. It was a beautiful morning!

Next stop was our camping village down on the western coast of Italy. Nasko’s never been camping and I’ve never been camping in Europe so it was an adventure. We rented a mini lodge right on the beach.

I was asleep as soon as I hit the hot sand. I barely had the patience to put on sunscreen or proper lay down a towel. I woke up a sweaty mess 3 hours later, no longer on my towel, dehydrated and covered in sand. Nasko was trying to convince me to join him in the water to rinse off but he was gone before I realized what was happening. I was out of it. Nasko was walking out into the water, at about 25 paces he was calf deep. He turned to me and shrugged as if to say “idk why it’s not getting deeper”. At about 50 paces, he did the same thing. The water wasn’t getting any deeper. In knee deep water and not wanting to go any farther from shore he started splashing and thrashing around; attempting to get the sand off of himself. Then it started, he jumped in place and belly flopped. He stood up, he jumped in place and seat dropped. He repeated again and again. I was on shore, not sure whether to point and laugh or join him.

I giggled as my husband brought back memories of going to the beach as a child with the BrewCrew. Dad wouldn’t let us go past our knees, I couldn’t help but thing that’s what we must have looked like.

Anyways, it was a very lazy day but nice to have some alone time and some time to rest. I suppose a beach on the Mediterranean isn’t a bad place to have a chill day.

Love always.