Day 6 – 21 days in Europe

Camping came to an end which meant it was time to move on. We cleaned up our camp site and hit the road around 10. Our goal was to be to our next destination between 1200 and 1300. Our next destination being Rome!

Dreams do come true because I have dreamed of this day! Rome, can you believe it? How exciting!

We survived the Rome traffic and arrived at our Airbnb around 1300. Nasko is a champion driver! He is also a champion crosswalk crosser. Because I swear nobody cares about anyone. I’m always sprinting across streets because I don’t think these cars would honestly stop.

We have 4 days in Rome so there is no hurry. We decided to pick a couple major sites and just get our feet wet. We purchased our metro tickets and hit the streets.

Rome is amazing! Around every corner are so many huge structures. It’s so much to take in. I can’t even keep up with all of the information and our phones batteries can’t keep up with all the googling!

We walked the streets for about 5 hours simply following whatever caught our eye. We saw the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish steps and so many churches!

The streets are full but at times the metros are more full. At one point, we literally couldn’t fit into the doors so we started sprinting down the side of the train. Everything happened so fast. I remember looking back, seeing Nasko and slipping into the door of the metro just as it closed. It hit my shoulder pretty good but I made it in just in time to see Nasko hitting the side of the train from the outside. “I’ll catch up with you!” He mouthed through the doors. Without thinking I screamed back at him, “ILL MEET YOU AT THE COLOSSEUM!” I then turned to realize just how quiet the train was. People were shoulder to shoulder but I was the only one screaming.

We enjoyed a gelato. We experienced the city. We got a little lost in all the wandering. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful city!

Love always.