Day 8 – 21 days in Europe

Oh boy did we sleep in today! Yesterday was brutal on the ol’ feet. We took our time and even made our own breakfast. When we finally got a move on, we realized our timing was perfect if we sprinted to do something cool. So what was supposed to be a relaxed morning, we started by running through the streets of Rome. We started our day – by taking a selfie with THE POPE and receiving his blessing! Super cool. It’s was in Italian and he was like so far away but yep. That happened!

After a morning in the Vatican City, we saw other sights like Castel Sant’Angelo, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Capitoline Hill and Altare della Patria. We enjoyed a pizza in the square Campo de’ Fiori. We walked the ancient ruins once again. We just soaked it all in!

After an extended dinner break, the sun was setting as we hit the streets again to experience Rome at night. We got gelato to eat by the Trevi Fountain. The people watching there is excellent! Fun fact about the fountain… the tradition goes: you should take three coins in your right hand and throw them backwards over your left shoulder into the water. The three coins represent three wishes: the 1st that you will return to Rome, the 2nd that you will fall in love and the 3rd that you will marry the person you fall in love with! Needless to say – I only threw in one coin. 😍

Rome is special! I told Nasko, I’m so glad we saw so many cities before we came to Rome because it’s so amazing here! I feel like it’s almost impossible to top all the sights here.

Love always!