Day 10 – 21 days in Europe

It’s time to hit the road again! As much as we would love to continue south and explore the rest of Italy; we will have to save it for another time. We are headed north. We are driving 2.5 hours for a lunch and afternoon in Assisi. Then driving another 2.5 hours for dinner, the evening and the night in San Marino!

We really had zero expectations of these two places. Assisi was recommended to me by a friend and San Marino is a new country so of course we put it on the list. And let me tell you – we were abplättest blown away! Today was maybe my favorite travel day of all time. These two places were absolutely incredible! I’m a little bit in shock actually.

Assisi is a city on a hill. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect light tan houses, narrow cobblestone streets, flowers of gorgeous colors everywhere you look. It’s small markets. It’s quaint city squares. It had at least 12 churches within a ten minute walk. Nasko and I wound our way through the most beautiful streets until we found a square with a restaurant. After lunch we visited the big basilica where St Francis of Assisi is buried. It’s actually unique because it’s a multi-level basilica. Although we didn’t want to leave – ever – the road trip must continue!

Back in the road meant back in the car with Nasko. I’m not sure if y’all know this about Nasko but he has a singing voice! Well, it’s loud anyway and he loves to use it. He has several voice twins: Justin Timberlake, Pink, Adele, Justin Bieber. Every once in a while, he will give himself the chills and announce it. It’s two-fold entertainment!

We arrived in San Marino via small winding roads through the mountains. What a beautiful place! For those who don’t know where or what San Marino is – it’s a small country of about 30,000 people. It’s completely land locked by Italy. It’s very mountainous. It’s capitol city is also called San Marino and it’s old town is located on the peak of a mountain. There are three castle towers on three neighboring peaks. The small streets are clean and quaint. It’s feel is a bit like Assisi but much richer! We hiked the towers and wandered the small streets. It’s a small place so a few hours is enough to see it. The views from this mountain top are absolutely unreal. The mountains on one side, the sea on the other and many Italian villages are scattered between!

The day was over as we watched the sunset over the mountains from the tippie-top of San Marino.

Love always!