Day 9 – 21 days in Europe

It’s our last day in Rome! We don’t have a ton of the major things left to see but we are definitely hitting some of the smaller sights. The two biggest things we saw today are the other two big basilicas of Rome, John and Paul. We had already seen Peter and Mary.

They are truly amazing structures! They are absolutely packed full of tourists, security, statues, columns, alters, candles, graves – and yet they are completely empty. I wonder how many people call these places home. Of course, I mean church home – a place to go to worship and to serve. Honestly, I’d be more interested to read facts about their current status and impact than what they did hundreds of years ago.

They’re also very conservative. All of the basilicas and most churches require shoulders and knees to be covered – like I previously mentioned about the Vatican. Today Nasko and I weren’t allowed in because we forgot and his shoulders and my knees were a problem. We went outside; bought a scarf; took turns covering ourselves and visiting the church. I tied it around my waist and tried to go in again. But the scarf wasn’t super big so I had a huge slit of leg showing still. The security stopped me at the entrance and told me I have to tied it again at the bottom. I nodded and tied the bottom corner. I tried to take a step and realize “omg I can barely walk!” So I tried to awkward shuffle past this guy into the church. But, naturally, there was a huge slit still allowing my leg to be exposed. It was just tied at the top and bottom. He noticed and motioned again at me to hold the side shut. So I hunch over to hold the scarf together right around my knees. He gave me the thumbs up and I proceeded as a hunched shuffling mess into the basilica.

In addition to the other two basilicas, Nasko had done some research and we explored some of the Bulgarian history in Rome. It was great! And cool to see him excited about his home country.

In the evening, we enjoyed the Trastevere district of Rome. It’s a lovely part of town. It’s small crooked streets, restaurants, pubs, cobblestone. It’s wonderful!

Rome was amazing! Definitely a must see if you’re a traveler. We recommend!

Love always!