Day 11 – 21 days in Europe

We are driving to Venice today! Whooooo! It’s about 3 hours farther north from San Marino. We have a bungalow in a camping village just outside the city. Then it’s a 15 minute bus ride and obviously a lot of walking in Venice itself.

We arrived at our place around noon and decided to enjoy some pool time before hitting the city. Our camp grounds are perfect! Our bungalow has front row access to three pool, sun beds, a bar, a restaurant, and all the faculties. We laid by the pool and ate lunch for several hours before jumping on the bus towards the city.

I won’t lie to y’all; my expectations were very high with Venice! It’s just so famous and in every city my favorite views are by the canals; so a city full of canals – I mean come on! It must be perfect!

At first, I was disappointed. We wound around in some really small streets, bridges, neighborhoods. It was dilapidated and smelled. But I kept an open mind and it didn’t disappoint. The main squares, bridges, and nice neighborhoods of Venice are killer. The cafes have live romantic music. The water is a beautiful blue in the sunlight. The Bellini – drink of Venice – is light and fruity. The gondolas are silent. You just have to beat off all the other tourists to take a decent photo.

There were four things to note for today. First, we saw a seagull eat a pigeon and it blew my mind. Second, all of the towers are tilted – which is concerning. Third, the grand canal is amazing! It seems so free and wild. Fourth, I think Rome ruined every other cathedral of the world for me.

My favorite moment of today was crossing a bridge of a small beautiful canal and hearing the angelic voice of professional opera singer echoing as she sang from the front of a gondola passing by. It was magical.

The quaint nature of this amazing place shines through the crowds and tourism. It maintains a personality that is unique.

We walked. We ate ice cream and pasta. We drank slurpies and Bellini. We sat and watched people do life. It was great!

Our trip is more than half way over and it doesn’t feel real. Every stop, every sight, every experience we feel so blessed to have the chance. God is good!

Love always!