Day 12 – 21 days in Europe

We love our bungalow! It worked out very well for what we wanted from Venice.

We started off the morning catching the bus and then a nice jog through Venice. We were headed to catch a tour boat and hit traffic. Therefore, we had to hustle. We made it on time – dripping sweat but on time!

I don’t know how much y’all know about Venice but the area is made up of 190 islands. 120 of those are connected by 400 bridges. I had my eye on one in particular; it’s called Burano. I’d done my research; Burano seemed to have many of the qualities I look for in a place. Nasko found a boat tour which went to three of the most famous islands in the area. It included Torcello, Murano, and of course – Burano.

The other two islands were pretty average. Murano is a famous glass blowing place. There was a creative demonstration of the art and a small church to visit. Torcello was more remote. It had several ruins to explore and a very old church.

Burano on the other hand was absolutely magical! We loved it!!! It was small and quaint but a buzzing city center. The main church tower leans heavily and looks like it is about to fall any day now. The sidewalks are directly next to the small canals allowing for us to walk water side. Small bridges over the waterways offer amazing views of the houses lining both sides. The houses themselves are what make this place special. The COLORS ARE AMAZING! Vibrant and varying colors everywhere you look! I couldn’t stop smiling. What a happy place!

Now, the real reason we were in a hurry this morning is because we wanted to make sure we were done with all the touristy stuff in time to find a nice place to watch the World Cup! So after we finished our tour, we hit the streets. There are three Irish pubs in Venice and we checked out two before finding our corner for the evening. A Bulgarian and an American, front row in an Irish pub in Venice Italy. It was a wonderful night experiencing the night life around the World Cup in Europe!

Venice we wish you the best! I hope you never sink. You’re beautiful!

Love always!