Day 13 – 21 days in Europe

Today was a crazy one! We woke up this morning early in Venice Italy. We hit the road around 830. This is our schedule… 2.5 hours to Ljubljana Slovenia for a few hours, 1.5 hours to Zagreb Croatia for a few hours, 3 hours to Budapest Hungary for the night! Europe is so fun just jumping around. My mind is always a bit blown when laws, languages, currencies and mindsets change within a few hours of each other.

Ljubljana Slovenia was a dream! Wow. We had no expectations. I had been through one other time but this was my first time in the center and exploring. I knew there was a castle – and I love castles – but there was so much more than that! There are two beautiful churches right downtown. The river runs right through the city with coffee shops and restaurants lining both banks. The city was a buzz as square after square were filled with markets. I enjoyed a coffee and Nasko tried out the food market. We loved our short time – that’s for sure!

Zagreb Croatia had a completely different feel to it. First of all, the change in currency mixed us all up with paying for parking and blah blah blah. But after a bit we finally figured it out; we walked into the city. The cathedral is big and beautiful! It’s light, almost white exterior stands out. The streets are big and wide with coffee shops running down the middle. It’s amazing how full coffee shops are – all the time. I wonder when people work sometimes!

We would have loved to stayed in both cities for longer but a few hours each is all we could spare today. We got back on the road and entered Budapest just as the sun was setting over the city. We haven’t really explored yet but we are excited for a full day tomorrow.

We are officially in new territory as the country count rises to 8 for this trip so far. Super cool and fun!

Love always!