Day 14 – 21 days in Europe

Budapest is the bomb!!! Wow. This place is unbelievable. It’s big city but good big city!

Before we go to any new city, I do research and make notes on what to see and what to do. I had also done that for Budapest. But the difference in Budapest is you don’t have to search for all these sights… they like hit you in the face! If you’re downtown; you can’t miss them. There is massive beautiful architecture in every direction. It’s breath taking!

Nasko and I got up and moving. However, we stopped for a bagel and coffee before really hitting our stride. We saw St Stephens Basilica, Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, Matthias Church, Fishman’s Bastion and other small things spread throughout. But now that the World Cup is going we are always working on a time schedule in between games. It’s kind of nice though because it breaks up the tourism nicely.

We found a Hungarian pub which had TV’s outside showing the 3:00pm game. It was a cute place, traditional, and a perfect set-up to relax for two hours. We had some drinks and asked for a menu to order a little appetizer snack. Big on the front page was their special of the day “Grilled brain from a Hungarian grass feed cow”… we quickly realized we would have to find somewhere else for food.

Another amazing sight was of course the famous Hungarian Parliament building! It’s such an impressive building – truly beautiful.

Just down the river from that building is a very sobering memorial called “Shoes on the Danube Bank”. Bronze shoes of all shapes and sizes line the banks of the Danube. It is in memory of the people who were forced to line-up on the edge of the river, take off their shoes and were shot. As many as 20,000 Jews were taken from the ghettos of Budapest and killed there just 75 years ago. Their bodies taken by the river. Of all the things we saw; I think that one impacted me the most. Truly unbelievable to stand there, see the setting and imagine.

Anyways, we ended the night at the city’s central football watch party! Fans from many nations watched the massive screens and cheered on their teams. I basically cheered for any team who scored because it was just so exciting I got caught up in it all.

Budapest is young, poppin’, full of life and currently full of football fans! Awesome!

Love always!