Day 15 – 21 days in Europe

We couldn’t quite give up Budapest without going out for breakfast again. I kill bagels and coffee every chance I get. The downtown areas are just so nice.

But alas, it was time to hop back in the car for two hours to our next destination – Bratislava Slovakia! It’s basically the tour up the Danube River now.

Bratislava wasn’t high on my bucket list to see. But kind of like Zagreb, it’s on the way between two major city for us. We checked into our Airbnb in the early afternoon. It was actually inside of a Slovakian retirement home. It was kind of funny to see all the old Slovakian grandmas chilling outside. But we were 5 minutes walk from the big Castle and gardens overlooking the old town and the river.

The castle is a big square building that is pure white! It’s extremely well maintained and sits high over the city. It’s about the only thing you see when you drive into town. The gardens were beautiful. We explored – castle, gardens, the church, the old town. It’s a small place but a beautiful one!

The highlight came in the main square when we stumbled onto a Slovakian traditional dance performance. Young boys and girls wearing traditional dresses and suits flying around the stage stomping, singing and this distinctive squeal – totally entertaining!

After exploring, of course, it was time to watch some World Cup football! We found a great place to enjoy it right on the main drag through the old town. We had Mexican jerseys behind us and German jerseys in front of us. It was perfect! When Mexico scored I got so caught up in all the yelling I found myself cheering along. So then it was going to be awkward if I cheered for Germany. It was exciting, dramatic, passionate, and entertainment – everything you want from a football experience.

Overall, Slovakia gets a thumbs up from us! Cool place!

Love always!