Day 16 – 21 days in Europe

Bratislava was wonderful but it was a short stop. It was time to jump across the border to Austria. Vienna was only about an hour away so naturally that was next on the list.

I’ve spent some time in Austria before but never in Vienna. Austria as a country is beautiful! I love the accent. I love the balance of life. It’s a cool place! Vienna itself was recommended to see by many people. Now, I know why! It’s great! It’s a big city for sure. But it handles the big city well. The streets are big and wide, coffee shops have plenty of tables, and the public transport isn’t too full. Plus two awesome things: lots of public park benches and drinking fountains!

It was a short hour from Slovakia this morning which allowed for a full day in Vienna. The downtown area is packed full of great sights to see. Nasko and I usually are pretty quick walkers around the cities of Europe but we slowed a bit in Vienna. We had our list of things to visit and we had planned our day around the World Cup games. But, of course, nothing goes as planned on vacation.

We figured out the metro system. We saw the main square and huge cathedral. Then I put “old town hall” into my gps and we walk to it. Well apparently there is a big difference between “old town hall” and “old city hall” because the old town hall was lame as heck and not the one that was on our list. So we had to pick up the pace because now we were behind schedule. We missed a turn on the gps. Then we saw it… a woman outside a small restaurant eating a burrito. I did a double take… a burrito? In Europe? Weird. Sure enough, there it was: Max and Benito’s California burrito shop! Nasko and I didn’t even say anything to each other, it was already clear and we were running towards the door. It was chipotle! I mean, it wasn’t chipotle. But it was like they took everything from chipotle and renamed it. We were in heaven! Vienna quickly became our favorite city in Europe. Nasko’s pre-meal prayer went like this, “Dear Jesus, THIS IS AWESOME!”

After Max and Benito’s, we couldn’t function properly. It was SO good. We rallied to see a few more things and we succeed for a while. We even got a Starbucks Frappuccino to try and hold off the inevitable. But it was only a matter of time before it set in – burrito food coma.

We said, “okay let’s just sit for a bit.” We found a park bench and sat. Then Nasko suggested “hey, you want sit on the grass?” We pulled out my scarf from Rome to sit on. Next thing I know, I’m face down sprawled out on the park lawn drooling. I don’t know if it was just the burrito or all the weed the hippies smoke in the park but I was out like a light! We both were.

We woke up just in time to stumble to the near coffee shop and watch the game. It was awesome! Of all the days and all the cities – today was special. It’s all about the burritos baby.

Love always!