Day 17 – 21 days in Europe

Yesterday was hard to top but we definitely tried! We had several palaces to explore today in Vienna. We broke up the day with food and drink breaks.

We hit the first palace, Schönbrunn. It’s a huge place. The palace itself is a massive yellow structure with several branches. There is a courtyard between the front gate and the palace which has old beautiful horse carriages lined up to give tours of the grounds. To the sides and behind the palace are massive beautiful gardens. Symmetrical trees and brushes cut to perfection lining each pathway. Colorful flowers leading to the massive Neptune fountain. We climbed the hill to overlook the whole thing – beautiful!

For lunch, we somehow found ourselves back at Max and Benito’s burritos! We just couldn’t stay away.

Belvedere Palace was next! It was different than the previous. Smaller, a brilliant white and not as many colors in the gardens. Perfectly maintains and manicured – the gardens stretch out long behind the palace. Small shaded nooks with benches are sprinkled throughout – just in time for Burrito coma. Nasko and I each found a bench and stretched out for a little nap.

We continued the day seeing a few other sights of the see. It’s a big beautiful city. And public transport makes it so easy to see it all. We ended the night like all other nights – World Cup football.

Vienna has been awesome! I can definitely see why so many people love it.

Love always!