Day 18 – 21 days in Europe

We are on the road again. It’s 3.5 hours north to our next destination – Prague! It’s both Nasko and my first time in the Czech Republic. I can’t believe it took us so long to come here. It’s beautiful!

We have a great place; we are staying with a friends father. It’s a beautiful house up in the hills. We parked, made a plan and then hit the streets. The step count for the trip is now getting so crazy high.

We explored Prague’s castle and all the things it includes. We walked the bridge with the thousands of people who were packed on it at the same time. Then we saw parts of the old town area. Unfortunately by the time we got around to some of the churches today; they were closed. The biggest church actually had a wedding going on. So we will have to swing around tomorrow to see the inside of some of the places we went today. But we did climbed the tower of the biggest church in the Czech Republic. It was 287 steps of death. The word “dramatic” doesn’t even begin to describe the scene from Nasko and I. It was a sweaty mess but a beautiful and worth it view!

Prague is busy. It doesn’t have the big boulevard feeling of Budapest and Vienna. It feels crowded at times. More often than not I prefer walking in the middle of the street because the sidewalks are so full. But of course, the people make it exciting. There are street performers and vendors. There are these cinnamon wrap, fruit and whip cream filled pastries that Nasko is eyeing big time! We ended up staying out until past 11 just enjoying the city and watching football.

Nasko and I are basically professional travelers at this point. We know how to pick our restaurants. Public transport is a breeze. We pick and choose what sights to see and what is worth paying for. It’s funny how relaxed we feel now about the whole thing. Three weeks ago I felt stressed making decisions that now feel like an every day thing. I guess it’s because it is an everyday thing!

After getting our feet wet today, we have a real plan for tomorrow including the things we have to see again from today. We have a lot to see in this big beautiful city!

Love always!