Day 20 – 21 days in Europe

Because we’ve been so active the last two days in Prague, today was really a chill day. We had one monument to see – the tomb of the unknown soldier. We had a neighborhood to find and explore. We had football to watch. And we had dinner plans with the awesome couple who hosted us in their home.

The monument was up on this huge hill which gave yet another beautiful viewpoint looking down into the river valley where the town center of Prague lies. It got our legs going early with was nice. It’s actually colder here today. I had to wear long pants for the first time.

After the monument, we searched and walked and searched and walked but with no luck. Finding a neighborhood is harder than it sounds. We might have found it. If we did; it was lame because we didn’t recognize it. But sometimes traveling is like that! But when we finally gave up we were way outside the center and took the tram back. The trams have these great big windows which allow for sightseeing as well. It’s great through some of the outskirts. You can really see how the people of Prague live.

When we hopped off the tram it had started to sprinkle; so it was time to find a pub and watch football. We had a good pace going as we were walking through town when Nasko came to a sudden stop. He started, “woah, it’s that one guy!” Pointing across the street at a tall thin gentleman. Unamused, I responded, “what guy?” Nasko continued, “That celebrity! From…” Immediately interested, I cut him off, “omg what? Which guy? Who are you looking at? Oh wait! You’re right! It’s what’s his face from…um… that show!” Sure enough, it was in fact – what’s his face! It took us a second and we didn’t know his name but we were STARING! We were the only people who recognized him. Stand there with a beautiful blonde in Prague… Stephen Merchant. Which, y’all are probably like “who is that?” But anyways, he’s an actor, writer producer. He was in the Big Bang theory, modern family and he is one of the writers of my all time favorite show The Office. Hilarious British guy! He was tall, skinny, kinda awkward and was dressed like a home schooler. No, we didn’t get a picture! Yes, I regret it now!

The evening was wonderful and full of great conversation with our hosts! We went to a Czech pub and stuffed ourselves with the local food. Many things change from country to country in Europe but one thing stays the same – the hospitality is awesome!

Love always!