Day 21 – 21 days in Europe

It’s the 21st and final day of our road trip! We woke up in Prague this morning. We had breakfast with our lovely hosts. We hit the road towards Offenburg aka home!

These three weeks on the road have been absolutely unbelievable. The opportunity to see all of these places has us feeling very blessed!

It was 21 days. It was 5000 kilometers. It was 11 countries. It was 9 capital cities. It was SO much walking. It was big city and small city. It was camping. It was a ton of peanut butter sandwiches. It was beach days. It was jammed pack with sight seeing. It was so freaking awesome!

We made it safe to Offenburg. It seemed appropriate to end our trip by watching the German national team shock the world with a last second goal to win in the World Cup in Germany with our German family!

Now, it’s time for the next step of our life journey. Exciting changes in life are right down the road!

Love always!